The verdict on blogging – so far!


PicSketch-2014-05-16-06-57-51Good morning from blogging HQ. I’m still on with sprucing things up on here and it’s going to take a while. I keep getting side-tracked. But, I always get there eventually…I just take the scenic route and bugger about a bit. Quite a lot, actually.

Incidentally, I have updated my About Me page. Not that anything mind-blowing has happened recently, I’m still me. But, I wanted to say a big thank you to the visitors of my blog. So, I will say it here as well.


I must admit I was rather shocked, but delighted to find that people were visiting my blog. It’s very flattering and inspirational. Writing a blog is also an excellent writing discipline and highly addictive. It makes me want to be the very best that I can be. [ Failed again!]

Sometimes, I fall far short of this. I re-read my posts and even I don’t get it! Yesterday’s second post springs to mind. What the hell that was all about, I don’t know. [ I think there may two of us in here.] But someone, somewhere may. So, I must stay true to my word and give you what was originally threatened, warts and all.

I’ve  come to the conclusion that trashing my mad posts is the easy and cowards way out. It’s also rather futile, as my monster has all ready being let loose on the world. It’s out there just waiting to show me up! And a broken link to my blog tells the world that I’ve messed up, yet again.

Living with my madness is the hard and challenging bit, and I love a challenge. Friends used to be convinced that I had been drinking, but no, I don’t drink. I am naturally like this. Not all of the time you understand. I do have my quiet moments. In fact, if you were to meet me in person, you would probably be surprised at how shy I am. Yes, really! Oh sure, I can put on an act when I have to, can’t we all? But the real me is really quite shy and very private.

I also warned you that I’d go off on one, from time to time. I try not to lie. My middle name is Alethea, which is Greek for honesty and truthful. So, if I lie to you my Greek gods and goddesses will let me have it…BIG TIME! [ How did I end up with a Greek name…family name. Long story. I may bore you with it sometime.]

So, to recap. This is my blogging experience so far:

  • I’m addicted
  • It’s a brilliant writing discipline
  • I still have lousy grammar and punctuation
  • Even that sentence there, is rubbish
  • There’s no hope for me
  • I won’t give in
  • I need to read the blogging book
  • I am grateful to my visitors
  • I can’t lie
  • I have a Greek name
  • So what?
  • I’m shy
  • Don’t look at me, I’ll blush
  • I write mad things
  • I think there may be two of us in here!
  • I’m not drunk
  • Well, not right now
  • I’m naturally nuts
  • The nutter is never very far away

So, a kind of sensible post this morning…well as sensible as it’s going to get. The moon madness of the past week is gone, for now. It will return though. And if you think that is bad enough, watch out for me on Halloween! Or don’t, if you have any sense.

I must go and wreak havoc somewhere else now.



Until the next bonkers blogging time.






2 Thoughts

  1. I’m supposedly Pisces, on the cusp with Aquarius…and very painful it is too. I think it means I love the water, which I do and I’m a wild nutcase, which I am. And I love to shock! Either way there’s no hope for me, really.
    The picture was produced by me fiddling with one of my photo imaging apps, on Windows 8. It’s another new toy of mine. xxx


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