Where do you write and what do you wear?


shutterstock_188800655This brilliantly white and minimalist desk and keyboard is what I sometimes wish my desk looked like. The reality of it is so far removed from this image, that it could be on another planet.

My desk is an old, painted bureau that belonged to my late father-in-law. When I decided to paint it, I was aiming for a shabby-chic look. I’ve managed to create a  shabby-s**t look! [ Yes, I’m swearing on a Monday morning. Start the week off as you plan to go on and all of that.]

But, it’s my desk and I love it. I work in amongst a heap of books, papers, pens and just a big mess. When I try to tidy it up, I can’t find a damn thing and I sit at this alien desk feeling like I’m at the wrong desk. So, I mess it up again and it’s business as usual. [ Or not very usual, in my case.]

Sometimes, I write at the kitchen table. But, I get side – tracked and end up outside, messing about in the garden or doing the ironing…for god’s sake!

So, I scuttle back to my womb like desk, dig in and fester away in amongst the mess. I’m making my desk sound delicious, aren’t I? Yes, it’s pretty yummy.

Then, there’s my writing attire. Oh god no !- Oh god yes!

It varies, depending on my mood, of course. It’s usually pyjamas, as I run to my laptop on a morning desperate to write my mush. I’m enjoying myself so much that I lose track of time. Dinner time arrives and I still look like a scarecrow and smell like a hedgehog. [ With apologies to hedgehogs.] Nice!

If it’s very warm I’ll wear my swimming costume to write in. Not very nice at all.

If it’s very cold, I’ll wear my balaclava and gloves. Ridiculous.

Am I telling the truth? Or am I tempting the wrath of my Greek gods and goddesses?

So, to recap:

  • I have a heap for a desk.
  • I mess it up deliberately.
  • I love my pyjamas.
  • I have a bird nesting in my hair.
  • I smell bad most of the time.
  • I sometimes write in my birthday suit.
  • I scare people.
  • All of the time.
  • I write mush.
  • I couldn’t keep my desk tidy, if my life depended on it.
  • Kill me now!

I wonder where you write and what you wear to write in, and whether it is the right thing to wear to write in? Yeah!

I need to go now. I look like a pile of sheep dung and smell like it, as well. [ With apologies to a pile of sheep dung.]

Until the next stinking time.



6 Thoughts

  1. I am currently sort of homeless, in terms of desks. I live with my parents, and we can’t decide whose desk the one in my bedroom is. Whoever it belongs to, it’s too cluttered for me to use at the moment, so I use the kitchen table, curl up in my armchair in the living room, or out on the patio if the weather allows it (this is Yorkshire, so it very rarely does).


    1. You’d hate my desk then. It’s a mess. But I can’t work with anything too tidy and sterile. It seems to drain my ideas from me. Strangely enough, my house has to be fairly tidy…I’m almost anal retentive about that, according to my daughter.
      I know what you mean about the weather. I seem to jinx it. As soon as I start to get ideas about taking my work outside, huge angry clouds start to build up and then it’s raining.


      1. I can cope with untidy, but this is literally ‘I’m sure this desk has a surface, but I’ve not seen it for weeks’ and I can’t get close enough to put a chair at it. Apparently I get to move up to the attic at some point.


  2. Dear Smelly

    Ha, your desk sounds like mine would be if I had one. Currently we’re in the throes of creating an office from one of the spare bedrooms in order to keep things….well, in order.

    I mostly prepare my blogs in the evenings, on my laptop – on my lap, in my dressing gown. My mess is down the side of my chair. This mess comprises all my current photographic magazines and manuals, piles of SD cards, and there’s always an empty coffee mug. Tonight there’s an empty coffee mug AND an apple core, together with a little knife I used to slice it up, and its all wrapped in a square of kitchen roll. Oh and the cat’s brush which is full of fur because I haven’t yet shifted my bum out of the chair to tidy it away. Note to self – MOVE!!!!!


    1. Another one that likes her night attire. I even walk the dog in mine. Got caught out the other morning. Walking the dog at 4.30 am…[ I know!] and I must have seen three people. All nutters, like me. I’m glad I just missed our gamekeeper though, it would have been all around the village! LOL. Have a good weekend. xxx


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