I want to be alone.

shutterstock_184467722I sometimes get very tense when I write. It’s not because I’m struggling  with my writing. It’s quite the opposite – I’m probably too engrossed in my work. I go into my zone and exist there quite happily and quite selfishly.

No. I get tense because someone else is in my space. They make demands on me to leave my zone, break my concentration. I can feel guilty about not giving them enough of my attention. But, on the other hand they know what I do and maybe they should let me just get on with it.

I don’t need absolute silence to work, in fact I often work best with loud music filling my head. It puts me in the mood for whatever I’m writing and can fuel the imagination. Writing is, after all about how you feel and music helps with those feelings.

But, I do struggle with people who don’t let me get on with my writing. I don’t want to listen to them prattling on, I want to be alone. To be free to write. I try to be patient, tolerant and fair, but sometimes this just doesn’t work and I end up losing it.

Yes, I’m selfish and yes I can be a loner. Let me be and when I’ve done what I need and want to do, I’ll come back to you and give you all of my undivided attention. Until then, clear off you’re annoying me and upsetting my thought process…and close the door on the way out, please.

Until the next time, go away please!


9 Thoughts

  1. Ha, I know this one very well. Sabotaged at every turn, for no other reason than they are fed up, can’t find anything else to do, or anyone else to annoy! They regress into attention seeking child-mode. Grumpy Trousers only gets the message when I start dishing out expletives!


    1. Yes, as I was writing it a certain person asked me to do something else…not particularly important, at that precise moment. Needless to say I exploded and I may have said damn it. Yeah, right. I went off on one – big time. He went downstairs, so it worked. Peace and quiet, with just me seething away. I’m a bitch, aren’t I? I want my own office, in fact some days I would like my own house-next door. LOL! xxx


    1. It’s good to be left alone with your thoughts sometimes, isn’t it? Even though I try to be nice, I’m not if I get interrupted. Thanks for calling by and commenting. Sorry it took so long, I’d missed your comment.


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