Farty-arty Saturday!

WIN_20140602_191441 (3)  cropped-aviary-photo_130456836202481989.png

Tonight is an arty-farty Saturday night and also a LET’S MAKE MYSELF LOOK AS AWFUL AS POSSIBLE night. I’m doing incredibly well. This is my zombie impression.

To achieve these nightmarish images, I take hideous pictures and then turn them into monstrosities, via some fantastic programs on my laptop. I don’t get covered in acrylic paint, as I do if I attempt to paint. That’s painting with paint on a canvas. Yeah, paint! Glad I’ve made myself clear.

There’s load more rubbish where this came from. I’m expressing myself…it could get messy.[It usually does.]

There will be others waiting to attack you in my gallery. So be warned and don’t go there.

I’ve been thinking some more about my fantasies and I might be ready to disclose a pretty big one, soon. Well, everything is larger than life with me.

No, this one could be a bit risqué and I would need to conjure up incredible self-confidence to attempt it, let alone achieve it.

Also, there is the fact that I change my mind as often as I…breathe. I’m not using any clichés here… to do with my lingerie.

Oh la la…I’ve gone all French.

Je suis une idiot, avec un grand derriere et bouche. Le singe est dans l’arbre.

You’re impressed aren’t you?

What the hell is this all about?

Oh, yeah I remember…my fantasies and farty art.

Yeah! One of these days I’m going to come on here and write something so profound, that you will not be able to believe it. And I won’t be able to believe it neither. But that day, is not today.

No, today it’s the usual nonsensical mush and then I just clear off and leave you wondering what it was all about.


So, true to form, I’m clearing off now.

I will be calling by your blog soon…be warned and feel threatened, and if you haven’t got a blog…why not?

For the time being, have a good night and try not to have nightmares.

Until the next farty arty time.






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