The best Dracula ever! Mr Oldman.

I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for Dracula. A young Frank Lagella did it for me first and then I discovered Mr Oldman…wow!

If Dracula turned up here looking like this, with those so sexy glasses I’d be a vampire tomorrow. Also, the wolf is absolutely gorgeous…I want one!

I love this version of the story, I think it’s the closest to the original novel and so romantic. Yes, I said romantic. This guy denounced his god, because of the death of the love of his life. He:

  • Endured years of having increasingly weird hairdos.
  • Crawled up and down the walls of a god-forsaken castle.
  • Lived in the middle of miserable -ville.
  • Couldn’t enjoy a good curry and a beer.
  • Was forced to drink manky blood only.
  • Visited Whitby. [Only kidding…it’s very lovely!]

Who wouldn’t look like that after enduring that? I mean look at what happens to Keanu Reeves’s hair ?

Dracula only wants to drink blood, create new vampires and find his true love. When she shows up…WELL, HELLO THERE! Out come the posh togs, the sexy glasses and he takes her dancing.

We all know it’s going to end in tears and so do I. It’s so sad.  My hero…yes Dracule is my hero – dies.  But, he finds peace and  his god. The dreadful hairdo, funny face and creepy mannerisms are all history.

I actually didn’t want this version of Dracula to die. The same cannot be said of Chrisopher  Lee, I would have happily finished him off myself. The monster!

Anyway there you have it. I love Dracula…Gary Oldman style.

Hope you do too. If not, very sorry…but it’s my blog…okay?

Blobby eyes tonight…you know the routine ? I’ll be back to sort it all out, later on.

Until the next blood sucking time.


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