A Mary Berry incident with hubby!

WP_20140501_001 (2)I’m a bit down again at the moment. We all get our moments, don’t we? But we  don’t all get  our hubby making us a lovely cake to cheer us up. This is what my better half is on with at the moment. It’ll be very welcome, even if I do have to pedal harder on my cycle machine tomorrow , walk a few extra miles and generally move about a bit more to work it off. It’ll be lovely with a cup of Earl Grey later on.

What won’t be so lovely is the kitchen. Mr Whale tries his hardest to clean up the mess afterwards. A slimy, flour – coated dishcloth is dragged across the work surfaces and things are sort of washed up. It’s the flour:

  • In the tumble drier?
  • On and in the books.
  • On the seat cushions, on the chairs.
  • On the floor.
  • On the downstairs loo, toilet seat?
  • On the sofa?
  • In the bedroom?

All little surprises, waiting to be found by me!

Yes, our house looks like a flour wonderland, when his lordship has finished doing his Mary Berry thing in the kitchen. Thank god I haven’t done the BIG CLEAN of the kitchen this week, just yet. Then he would have been in trouble, cake or no cake. I’m a hard woman! I can’t be won over with cake alone.

So, I’m going to do my online food shop and wait for Mary Berry to bake my cake, for my supper. Yummy.

As I type this I can hear the swifts screaming outside, as they fly overhead. The jackdaws are having a chinwag and there’s a lovely cakey smell starting to waft up from our kitchen. A warm summer evening, in our lovely part of Yorkshire.

There…I’m starting to feel better all ready!

I hope you’re having a lovely evening, wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

Until the next time!



2 Thoughts

  1. Get Mr Whale to come round to mine. He can do me some cakes. I’m doing a Macmillan Coffee Event at our local pub on Wednesday so me and daughter have been baking like mad. I’m sick of the sights of recipe books now. Mr Whale could be my saviour. Ask him how he’s fixed? 😉

    Watch out for my next blog posting as I’ll be talking about the event and about the wonderful contributions I’ve had from people and organisations!

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