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Greyhound posting.

Seeing as my post was received so well last week, I thought I’d pop on here and have another go.
Her ladyship is going for a lie down. Migraine woman strikes again.
I’ve had a few tummy problems today. It all started with a walk with mum at 4.20 this morning. She looked like she’d been pulled through a hedge backwards and she was in her nightie, with a pair of lounge trousers and a top over, trying to make her look respectable.
It won’t work – she’s always her overgrown hippie self.
The most likely cause of my problems today ,was my penchant for a little something which had been nicely festering in the grass verge, for a couple of weeks.
Her ladyship thinks it’s disgusting, but I think it’s positively yummy.
I personally can’t stand haggis, but she who thinks she’s the pack leader
around here, overdosed on it last week.
Anyway, I’m going to go and see whether the daft bat that is my mum is okay.
Any mistakes…I’m a greyhound writing a blog post!
Until my next post.

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Many moons ago, I started to write. But, as life twisted and turned the only thing I got to write was letters, in my job. Things changed, I left my job and returned to the writing. I have loads of ideas and very little time to do them in.( Sound familiar?) I write, because I need to. When I am unable to write I walk in the shadow of madness. Some folk would argue that I'm there already. As well as writing, I read, paint, garden, knit and have just started making candles. I am owned by a retired greyhound called Daisy. My previous greyhound(Misty) was the inspiration to get writing again. Daisy is keeping that inspiration alive. Thanks for reading. Dorne x

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