My daughter.

My daughter’s always had a knack for buying lovely presents. She loves to buy gifts and surprise people.
As a child she would save up her pocket money to buy me birthday and Christmas presents. No matter how much I protested that it was her money for her, she still treated me.
She hasn’t changed to this day. When we returned from our last holiday, there were some surprises waiting for us. Earlier in the week she’d been to check on things for us and, unbeknown to me, had left us some pressies, including this lovely birdhouse and bird feeder (there’s a table to match it).
By the time we arrived home she’d been admitted to hospital, with Quincy and tonsillitis.
Needless to say I shed a few tears. She’s out now and on the mend.
I consider myself very lucky to have such a thoughtful, kind and clever daughter.
Where would we be without our children, hey?
That’s it for tonight. I’ve been decorating and I’m tired now.
Have a good night.
Until the next time.

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2 Thoughts

  1. Hello there, I hope you’re okay.
    Yes, my daughter is on the mend. They’re going to take out her tonsils…I’m a bit apprehensive about that, but I nagged and nagged them to do it when she was little. It used to be the norm that they were removed when you were a child, wasn’t it? I had mine removed at age six. She’s been so very poorly over the years, it’s about time they did something with them. She’s a singer/songwriter and I just hope it doesn’t affect her voice. We shall see. It’s the lesser of two evils!
    And yes, I am feeling a bit better now. It comes and goes. I’m sure you know all about that! I make hay whilst the sun shines and on the days when it rains I have a really good moan about it all. Sunday was a day of rest…BIG TIME. x I like your picture, by the way. You look lovely. x


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