WP_20140614_040 (6)_editedBeing regressed wasn’t as I’d expected it to be. I’m quite strong-willed and I’d wondered whether I would, in fact be receptive to the whole process. I needn’t have worried…I was soon relaxed.

For those of you that haven’t been through this process, briefly, you lie on a couch and are talked through relaxing every part of your body, in zones…i.e your head, your chest, abdomen and so on. When you are nicely chilled, you are asked to count down from ten to one. I distinctly remember thinking only ten, I’ll never relax in that time.  How wrong was I?

I reached ten and he asked me to say what was I was thinking about and seeing. I didn’t feel any different, nothing mind-blowing had taken place, but, I kid you not, from seemingly nowhere came answers and images. Most of these images related to my childhood. Some of them were upsetting and painful…we all have our skeletons in the closet, don’t we. Others were happy and made me laugh. Gently, and very subtly, this clever guy regressed me further back. To a place I didn’t really know existed. He wasn’t wearing a pointy hat, he didn’t flourish a magic wand and at no point was I turned into a frog!

I was seeing fields of corn, with the wind making waves across them. There were old barns with rounded roofs and people working the land, by hand. The best way of describing it is to think of the film Witness, with Harrison Ford, where he ends up at the Amish settlement. I could see field upon field of beautiful farmland, rich with crops, being methodically worked by people, using horse and hand tools.

Now, I like to keep an open mind on these things and I could argue that, in my relaxed state I’d mentally connected with a rather relaxing scene from a film I’d seen. [ Harrison Ford did not feature in my recollection…damn it!] But add to this, the fact that I can recall walking through a field of very high maize, when I was a small child. Only, when I asked my parents about this walk they didn’t know what I was talking about. [ That happens to me a lot. Not a lot of people do know what I’m talking about…including myself!] I have described this scene, which I still replay over and over in my mind, on a regular basis, in minute detail. The maize, the warm breeze. There was a group of us and I can’t recall their faces, sexes, or exact number, but I can remember it as if it happened yesterday. I clearly remember looking up and up at the crop towering high above me.

Was it wishful thinking? A dream? Memories of films and books I’d seen and read?…I don’t know. What I can tell you is that my experience was extremely vivid. It was as if I was actually there and living through what I was seeing. I didn’t have to think about what I said, the words just spilled out. But, I was also absolutely present in my actual self, if you like. I was aware of lying on the couch in that consultation room, in a state of complete relaxation.

Apparently these kind of memories in regression are not uncommon and it is thought that they could be proof of a previous life, in that particular patient. From what I can gather the profession keeps an open mind on events such as this.

So, did this and the following sessions help me to deal with my stress? Yes, I think they did. I am now an expert at relaxing myself and without sounding too OUT THERE, I can easily go to a place of calm and peace. The migraines?…well as you may know if you read this so-called blog, are still a very regular occurrence, but I think that when all my meds are correct and I am feeling the best that I can, as we all have try to do, I’m in with a better chance of just dis-regarding them as much as possible. Why should they take over my life and ruin it?

Being regressed also got me thinking. Dangerous I know! I may have been regressed back to a previous life, living on an American farmstead. But, what if I’d recalled something that perhaps I didn’t want , or shouldn’t have remembered? Something that would have an impact on my life, and maybe others, from that point forward? How would I have lived with it and moved forward with my life?

So, of course my mind worked overtime and came up with an idea for a novel, which I am working on. I really must get on with it and stop messing about…but life gets in the way. I’ve promised myself that I’ll do something with it though, so at some point it will emerge, for the good or bad!

Would I undergo regression again? Absolutely, and I would don my kinky boots. LOL!

I’m off to do some more re-decorating now. As per usual, I’ve got several things on the go at once. I flit from one thing to another…that’s just how I work. I’m also on with other things on this blog. So I’m a busy bee.

I hope that you’re having a good day , wherever, or whoever you’re with. Make it count!

Until the next time.





4 Thoughts

  1. “I can recall walking through a field of very high maize, when I was a small child.”

    I read something like this from Tom Kenyon. He wrote that he had a memory of reading a book titled The Boy Who Sang To The World. His memory of reading it was VIVID but he has searched and searched in his adult life and no book was ever published. 🙂

    I have a memory like this as well. It is a memory as exactly “real” as any other memory in my head, but it never happened because when I checked the details as an adult and they don’t line up correctly. In my case I think it is a subconscious nudge because the details of the memory helped me figure out who one of my past lives was and that information has been very helpful to me. 🙂


    1. It’s strange isn’t it. I’ve thought about it time and time again since my regression and I really can’t explain it. I’ve had other instances since that time and they would also seem to point to previous lives. But who really knows for sure? it could just be our minds playing really clever tricks on us!
      Thanks for calling by and commenting. It’s always good to hear from new folk. I will check out your blog at some point as well. Bye for now.

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  2. Hi there, I was intrigued and terrified by the idea, in equal measures. I was looking for ways to deal with my migraines, had tried loads of other alternative treatments and thought – why not?
    It was absolutely fascinating. I did about ten sessions I think, in total.
    A lot of it raised issues from my childhood. Don’t we all have issues?: and then some of it transported me back to unknown places. which was incredible. Thank god I wasn’t Hitler, in a previous life! Well, I don’t think I was anyway.
    I have considered doing it again, for research purposes and for me personally.[ I’m like blotting paper and soak up everyone else’s problems and negativity, so I get stressed out, quite a lot actually.] It’s quite pricey though, so I’ll need to sell some more articles first. LOL!
    Try it, you might like it.
    I’ll do another post on it, at some point Especially if I return for another few sessions. x


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