Lazy , hazy days of summer.

shutterstock_204574987I was going to apologise for my reckless use of clichés in my title, but I’m not going to. Here in Britain, well my little part of North Yorkshire, we are having the most amazing summer. And today, instead of going about my usual Saturday big clean of the house, I … SHOCK HORROR! didn’t do it. Not that Mr Whale , the dog, the goldfish and I are residing in filth. We do keep up to it. Even the fish does her bit. [ I’m a bit anal about my skirting boards at the moment, so you’ll have to bear with me.]

I’ll admit to being a bit of a control freak, where my house is concerned. I do a bit every day, so it doesn’t become an unmanageable monster. But today I decided to totally chill out and went for a little siesta, which turned into an almighty big sleep. Curled up on our bed, I dreamt my way through a large part of the afternoon. I had bad dreams about dirty skirting boards! When I woke up I had some more ideas for my writing. So not a complete waste of time then.[ Although judging by my writing, it probably is a waste of time!] This week has been very busy for me, so I think I deserved it and needed it

The garden chairs remained unoccupied, as it was too hot to sit out. Even in the shade it was a zillion degrees. Way too hot for fair-skinned little old me!

So, I read the papers and then nodded off. A lazy day I would say.

It’s cooled down nicely now and I’m sitting at the kitchen table typing this. WIN_20140726_201958 (2)

At the end of the row of our cottages, one of our neighbours is having a knees up. They have a singer howling away and a massive marque in their equally massive garden. He’s one of the vets that Misty sees. I’ll be gate-crashing it later on, when I go out for a lurk, with her.

My Saturday evening has been spent  listening to a radio programme on the BBC iplayer, that I sometimes listen to. This episode was discussing the possible re-introduction of wolves and lynx to Scotland. What a fabulous programme and I was fascinated by this exciting, but controversial proposal. They could re-introduce them to North Yorkshire. I’d love to think that they were roaming around in the nearby Dalby Forest, or Forge Valley. Yeah, as if that’s going to happen?Anyway, it’s whetted my imagination and no doubt I’ll be dreaming about wolves tonight.

Well, that’s it for now. I have a garden to water and flowers to dead -head, now that the temperature is more suited to me and my silly body, and head.

Have a fabulous Saturday night.

I may be back tomorrow with one of the posts that I’ve threatened  you with.

Until the next time.



2 Thoughts

  1. Hi Dorne. I just stopped by for a visit. It is a horrible hot day here in Florida. High humidity. Yuck. Your skin sticks to you! I decided to have my glass of wine in front of the television in the air conditioning. Later, I will indulge in my nightly ritual of a cuppa! PG Tips for me. Until next time, Colleen


    1. We’re having a hot spell as well, here in sunny Scarborough. We could use a good, dramatic storm to cool it down and clear the air, but it never materialises. The clouds build up and then they’re gone. x


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