Out of action.

It had to happen at some point…another migraine. The change in the weather (cooler and rain), coupled with my overdosing on paint fumes all week, have resulted in a cancelled Saturday.
I’ve been holed up in my bedroom, with the blinds firmly closed, all day. Dracula would be proud of me!
My TENS machine is doing overtime, as it eases my sore back. It’s going on my shoulders in a moment…to relieve the tension in them.
I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m sleeping for England.
I’m hoping to have a wander around the village later on, with my dog…when it’s lovely and dark!
I hope you’ve had a good day and thanks for dropping by.
Until the next, hopefully better time.😎

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

5 Thoughts

    1. Hello Caroline,
      Yes, I use mine almost daily. If my shoulders are tense I use it on them and I also find it helps my back, which flares up during a migraine attack. Have you also tried a acupressure mat? They help to re-route the bodies energy to where it should be, apparently. Mine certainly helps. I hope you find something to help your migraines…they’re horrible things aren’t they? Thanks for commenting and dropping by. Do you blog? If so leave a link and I’ll drop by sometime.


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