It’s hit and miss today!

shutterstock_170939858Words can’t describe my anger at the moment. My internet connection is on, off, on, off and has been like this forever. If I could just stay calm enough, long enough to find the correct telephone number I would ring a particular [ am I swearing or not? You’ll never you know!] company, to compliment them on their outstanding service!

I’ve tried everything I can think of to sort out this problem at my end, this morning. And believe me when I say, that there’s quite a bit to sort out and it isn’t pretty. I’ve turned my lap top on, then off, then on,then off. I’ve defragmented, trashed, smashed, scribbled out, punched, wrecked, washed, ironed, pulled, painted and deleted everything I can think of. I’ve also cleaned the screen and done my nails…and it still won’t play ball! So I’m incredibly cross about this particular problem.[ Swearing, or not swearing…you decide?]

But, right now I need to calm down and keep it there! Keep what where? This! [ levelling my hand.] You know there? Right okay…glad we’ve got that sorted.

I need another black coffee, a long shower and a walk with the dog. Then the broadband company gets it…right? By that time I might not feel quite so murderous. So, there’ll be absolutely no point in ringing them, to be nice to them and to tell them that my angst is not aimed at them personally. Yes is b****y well is! They’ve chosen to work for the company, so they’re in the firing line. Right? I’ve been in the firing line, in the past…so it’s pay back time!

I feel so much better already. Thanks for listening and dropping by. Sorry about the swearing, or non swearing!

I hope that your broadband is working and that your day is turning out good. Me? I’m off to be extremely rude to someone on the phone. I might even say particular and they won’t know that I’ve just sworn at them! I can’t wait any longer. I deserve it and I’m going to do it. If I can just get past the stupid, automated, particular keypad choice.[Now that was swearing!]

On second thoughts, I need that coffee right now! IN A BUCKET!

Until the next demented time.

2 Thoughts

  1. I’m sorry, I just had to click on the ‘a bit naughty’ link……! I HOPE this is now sorted, but just in case it isn’t, or if there is another occurrence of the same, or similar, it seems like one of the best ways of getting action on a problem/complaint, is by posting the complaint on the company’s Facebook or twitter. Basically, post it on any social media site, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they will try and resolve it!


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