A night at the proms?

With the wonderful prom season in full flow I thought I’d join in tonight. I’ve been to a few outdoor Last Night of the Proms in my time and I’ve heard this piece by one of my favourite composers Gustav Holst, played a few times at those concerts. I hope you enjoy it. I wish I was going to a Proms concert this year, but alas I’m not. So I’ll get out my flag and wave it frantically, to this.

I’m going to try to post tomorrow, it I can. Right now I need to go and lie down, and drink lots of wine to get over grandma day. It was far from uneventful. I’ll update you tomorrow. Bet you can’t wait? Cancel all of your plans and hold that front page…Dorne ‘s going to tell you about her grumpy granny day. Wow!

Now if you’ll excuse me, that wine is chilling and the sofa is just out crying for me to lounge around on it.

Of course, I may be back on here again in half an hour. I soon get bored and might need to blog some more. I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks for dropping by and reading

Until the next time.


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