A dark, rainy night and some ghosts!

10082014 210801 rainy yard collageThe weather has been so dramatic and fabulous today. We’ve had torrential rain and a thunderstorm…at last. It was fairly short-lived, but at least we got one. I would have felt very left out if we hadn’t had one.

It crashed about for a while and we has some sheet lightning and then it was gone. The rain stopped and I donned my waterproof gear, just in case. The dog was kitted out in her waterproof coat and off we went for a circuit around the block. In the distance the thunder rumbled on and for once, my dog ignored it. She’s not a big fan of storms. She fares much better if she’s inside, but if we happen to be outside, her hairs stand on end and she wants to turn around and come home. Big softie! But, who knows what a storm sounds like to our dogs. They may be able to hear and feel things that we can’t.

My other dog, a border collie certainly could. He saw ghosts. I would feel the tell-tale cold spot and sure enough his hairs would stand on end and he would refuse to cross into where the cold spot was. He would stand and bark at whatever he could see and I could feel. He watched my grandad, on the night he passed over, appear in my kitchen and pass through the outside wall. Had I have not had my faithful canine friend with me, I might have thought that I had imagined the tremendously strong presence of my newly passed, beloved grandad. I was, after all highly distressed. But, my dog indicated something was present, that I couldn’t see. He kept his eyes fixed on it and gradually seemed to follow it up the wall, where presumably it disappeared. The cold immediately disappeared, the warmth returned and my little dog trotted quite happily into the kitchen, to where moments before he had been so wary of, and started to sniff the area.

Explain that, I can’t. I’ve seen figures walk past windows, where no paths or right of way exits and I’ve heard breathing in rooms, where there’s only me. I’ve held my breath and the breathing has continued. My imagination…who knows? I’ve listened as footsteps have made their way across rooms above me, when I’ve been the only person, or thing in the house. Not even a  dog to betray a likely cause of the ghostly footsteps.

It doesn’t scare me and if I hear movement nowadays, I ignore it. It could be caused by absolutely anything, or perhaps something otherworldly?

If it ever comes to get me, then I might have to do something about it! Until then, I’m busy…keep the ghostly footsteps down please.

How about this for a bit of ghostly coincidence? As I started to write this piece I heard a noise downstairs in the kitchen. Hubby is out, so it wasn’t him. My greyhound is lounging about in her bed, in our bedroom. I padded downstairs…and found a knife on the floor. On the work surface, at the back , is the knife block. The simple conclusion is that it wasn’t in properly and fell out. Or did a ghostly hand remove it and throw it to the floor? Was I been observed as I picked it up, washed it and replaced it in the block? Will I survive the night?

That’s enough ghost stories for tonight. I have yet to tell you about our night in the most haunted hotel in Britain, without a dog in tow.[ This was in between dogs.] Also, when we stayed in a hotel in Ayrshire, Scotland, that was most definitely haunted. Thank god we didn’t have a dog with us, it would have never settled. That can be tomorrow’s night – post, I think.

I now have to walk my dog. Have a good night, wherever you are. Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been checking out your blogs tonight and I’m very inspired by them. I’m always looking for ways to shake up my blog and try to think outside of the box and your lovely blogs are just the ticket. So thanks and keep those brilliant posts coming.

Until the next time.


2 Thoughts

  1. Thanks Colleen. I’ll probably be woken in the middle of the night by something stood at the foot of the bed! That has happened before! I seem to attract things! LOL. x


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