In the garden.

shutterstock_207658546I had planned to post on here earlier on today, but I got waylaid in the garden. Well, I say garden…it’s a courtyard really. You’re conjuring up images of me floating around in a long flowing dress, wearing a straw bonnet and carrying flowers, that I’ve picked for my flower arranging, in my trug, aren’t you?

The reality of it is :

  • I was wearing my cropped trousers.
  • These show off my fat, cellulite engorged, blue, bulbous veined legs…to the very best effect.
  • I was absolutely covered in soil.
  • I do own a straw hat, but it has paint on it, from when I painted the garden furniture.
  • It’s a lovely shade of green.
  • My garden is a yard and it is, wait for it…4 metres x 4 metres.
  • I know…huge…massive.
  • What have I been doing exactly?
  • Weeding.
  • Sweeping up.
  • Sitting down and gawping into space.
  • Doing some more weeding.
  • Doing some more sitting down.
  • Sorting out some bulbs.
  • Planting out some plants.
  • Doing some more sitting down.

I know…it’s pathetic. But, I like to take my time. No, correction – I HAVE to take my time. My back demands sit downs and cups of tea…regularly. Sometimes it likes a bit of cake with the tea as well!

The garden isn’t finished yet. I have more to do. Hopefully the fabulous weather will hold tomorrow and my back, which I’ve very cleverly managed to hurt, will cooperate…again.

It was my own stupid fault. We went along to our local garden centre to buy some more food for the pesky birds and something to dress the pots in the front garden with…and to keep the weeds at bay. We chose some green chunks of stone. I lugged two bags of this into the trolley and then we found some more, which was smaller and we thought would be even better. So I pulled the two bags out of the trolley and replaced them with two bags of the smaller stones. They were, of course just as heavy and awkward to manoeuvre and then hubby spotted that they were on special offer and suggested a third bag. My back was screaming by then and the sciatica that had been just a twinge up until then, became a monster ache. Somehow and I don’t really know how, I managed to get them into the car.

Back at home it was hubby’s turn to get them from the car into the yard, via a pot trolley – type thing, that he seems to like using. And they’re still piled up on there now.They can stay there until I’ve got the energy and willpower to move them and my back says YEES! Right now it’s telling me to particular off!

I’ve had my TENS machine running for about three hours and I think the pain in my back is finally easing off. Of course, the real test will be when I go to bed and try to sleep with it. That could be exciting.

Oh well, never mind… these things happen.

Other than that, I’ve had a lovely day. During one of my many sit and gawp at nothing in particular sessions, I watched a dragonfly darting about our yard.That was a lovely surprise. And I found a magnificent looking bug, that I’m still trying to identify. I think he’s affectionately known as a stink bug. Yeah, that’s very affectionate! I’ll probably post a picture of him tomorrow. Bet you can’t wait? It doesn’t get any more exciting than a stink bug on a Saturday.

So, it does pay to just sit and gawp sometimes. If I’d actually been gardening, I’d have missed both of those little beauties.

I’ve had a busy few weeks and I’m looking forward to my next holiday. Regular readers of this blog will recall that I wrote about this. Hubby, dog, my daughter, her fiancé, the Duracell bunny and I are heading into the forests for a few days stay in a log cabin. It has a hot tub on a private veranda and I can’t wait. I hope that I’ll be able to sit in it and gawp at the stars, at night. Well, I wouldn’t be able to gawp at them during the day, would I? Stupid woman.

It’s time I went…I’m starting to ramble and make even less sense than I usually do.

Have a good night and don’t get too drunk. No on second thoughts, let’s all get sloshed…it’s Friday night.

Thanks for dropping by and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more rubbish, when I’ve pulled up two pieces of grass in my absolutely huge garden and gawped into thin air, quite a good bit.

Until the next time.



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    1. I’m delighted to see tea and cake played a big part in your gardening day. Keep up the good work and continue with the cropped trousers. Your second bullet point assured me we have even more in common!

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