A migraineurs viewpoint.

17082014 163823This might look like me curled up on the sofa, watching a bit of telly and having myself a wild time. But, it isn’t.This is my interpretation of what a migraine looks like – through my eyes.

The flashing lights usually begin in the top left hand corner of my left eye and spread…within seconds. Unfortunately, the sad reality of it is – if I’ve got to this stage of a migraine, then my chances of heading it off at the pass are very remote indeed. I’ll have missed the warning signs and carried on…towards the mother particular that’s waiting for me, further along the road.

Yes, I’m swearing again. But, right now I’ve got those warning signs and I’ve taken the drugs to try to ward it off. Whether I’m successful in that, will depend on whether I’ve caught it early enough.

Needless to say my laptop screen is going to be a problem and so I will have to make this the last post of the day – unless I feel better.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon and evening. I’m going to go and curl up in a dark corner…it’s too bright for this little vampire, right now.

Thanks for calling by.

Until the next time.

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