Is the internet full and can we still blog?

19082014 102551No, it isn’t another of my interpretations of my migraine, or what I think my brain looks like. Although I don’t know…it could be.

This post is inspired by an article on the Guardian website. See link below.

I’m no expert on these things. I didn’t really understand what my IP address was, until I googled it. Which is somewhat ironic as it is Google that is now under attack from the sharks. That isn’t some computer jargon for hackers or a virus…it’s actual sharks. Apparently, they are attacking the cables that run along the sea bed. They’re attracted by the electrical currents. So, Goggle have now come up with anti-shark cables.

The IP addresses have run out and new ones will have to be issued. But, the new ones can’t be just changed over, like for like and the new ones won’t talk to the old ones.

Dear god, I knew this would happen. As soon as I took to blogging and actually enjoyed it I might have known that the internet would break down or fill up and close for business. Sod all of the things that will be affected by a massive web failure if it occurred, what If I couldn’t blog?

This explains everything. My internet connection, that is still hit and miss. What’s the betting that the powers that be have decided that West Ayton doesn’t need it’s internet connection as much as say London. As if? So we’re left with the crappy connection. No doubt if I rang them to complain about the terrible service, they’d now blame the sharks.

  • Thank you for contacting us. We’ll be with you as soon as we’re through with the sharks.
  • We’re sorry you’re having to wait, we’re currently experiencing a very high level of shark attacks.
  • If you know what type of shark is attacking your internet connection please say so now.
  • If you scared of sharks – tough!
  • If you know the name and  IP address of your shark, have it ready, for when we finally answer this telephone call.
  • Sorry, the sharks are still at it.
  • If you’ve been attacked by a shark…tough!

Will Steven Spielberg be making Jaws of the internet anytime soon?

I’d better carry on blogging until we can’t anymore and the world comes to an end, like we’ve never known before.

On that happy note I’m off to tidy up the tip that is my office space…before the internet closes for business and we become overrun with zombies. Because that’s what happens, isn’t it? A mass of zombies for some reason. But, with a bit of luck they’ll be zombies that blog, so we’ll be okay.

It’s taken me a lifetime to upload this blog post and I have given up on editing it. So, if there are any mistakes…blame the b****y sharks !

Until the next apocalyptic time.






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