I’m really a vampire.

shutterstock_194155538Good evening from castle Dracule.

Today it’s been too bright and too damn noisy. I’ve been lurking in the shadows all day. I finally dragged myself out of my coffin, and out with the dog at tea time. I walked under the trees, for the shelter and the rain drops that were falling from the leaves, on to my poor, sore head. A welcome relief. The air smelled extra flesh, sorry fresh after the rain. My sense of smell is also heightened during my attacks.I can smell fresh coffee from miles away and everything else in between.

I’ve just watched the incredible Peter Capaldi as the new Dr Who. One word….AMAZING! Yes I’m a Whovie, or whatever we’re called.I just love him and I’m loving the Scottish accent…I think I may be in love!

If my head will take it, it’s the zombies up next…The Walking Dead. They’re always good for a laugh and Rick thinking about thangs and stuff. Very deep our RickWatch it and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a brilliant spoof of it, which I may post on here sometime.

After a day and night with the dead I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow. I’ve got lots to catch up on and I’m trying to sort out this blog. The categories need a good shake up and moving around. As you may have already realised I’m a big one for change. Nothing stays in the same place for long. I get bored extremely easily.

I’ve bored you enough and I don’t want to chance my luck with this screen for too long.

Have a good night and watch out for the vampires[me] and the zombies. Thanks for calling by.

Until the next deadly time.




6 Thoughts

  1. I need to join the immortal dark community so in case you are a real vampire interested in an amazing progeny that already knows the basics about feeding, living in the shadows and owns her own coffin please contact narcoparhcrusher@hotmail.com!


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