In the raw.

24082014 181916 24082014 181317I’ve finally bought another camera. I’ve been banging on about it for months . Today is the first day that I’ve played with it. I’ve loads to learn, but it’s going to be fun…I think!

These two shots are of my yard…and I have not fiddled with them, except the first one, which has been given a hazy surround. You see, I don’t even know the correct terminology for these things! I think it’s called a vignette, or vinegar, or…! I give in. They are IN THE RAW!

Yes, a whole lot of learning is required. When I come on here in a few months time, spouting my mouth off about photography and using the technical jargon you’ll be impressed then! Or maybe not…it’s never going to happen. Just be prepared for some pretty unusual images. Even more unusual than the usual ones, that I usually post on here. And my gallery will be a mass of hideousness and monstrousness and weird stuff.

I’m rambling again.

Auntie Doris has nominated me for another blog award. I think it’s the inspiring award, this time. Who’s Auntie Doris? A very funny woman who died in 1995 and has taken to blogging. Recently, she took Tracey Emin to task over her unmade bed. I had tears running down my face, when I’d finished reading it. Her link is on my Blogs that I follow list. Take a look…death hasn’t killed her good sense of Yorkshire humour.

When I get a moment I’ll give this subject a post/page of its own and nominate some more of my favourite blogs. I really like this idea of us all nominating and promoting each other, within the WordPress community. And it makes me feel a bit normal!

I wonder when they’ll come up with the messy blog award. Surely, I should receive a nomination for that. My categories look like my filing system at the moment. I can change, I will change. Watch me change. No don’t. It won’t be very good for you and you can get arrested for things like that.

So, if I go quiet for a while I’m either:

  • Fiddling with my categories.
  • Fiddling with my files.
  • Enjoying yet another  migraine.
  • Fiddling with my camera.
  • Trying to find something to fiddle with.
  • Just fiddling, in general.

That’s me done for the moment. You can go now and thanks for stopping by. You’re probably wondering why you did anyway, buy hey that’s nothing unusual, is it? I aim to not please.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It’s a public holiday in the UK and we’re all having a wild time.Yeah right! I may post again later on… this year!

Until the next ridiculous time.





2 Thoughts

  1. Oh thank you Colleen, that’s lovely of you to say so. Your images are not those of a beginner and your artwork is amazing.
    I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. x


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