25082014 171734I’m intrigued and dismayed in equal measures by the forthcoming Scottish referendum, next month. Regular readers of this blog will know my love of Scotland and all things Scottish. I can appreciate this proud nation wanting the very best for their country, but I do feel that the nationalists have opened up a can of worms. I fear that they’re damned if they vote for independence and damned if they don’t.

The YES party seem to be viewing life through rose-tinted glasses and refuse to give the electorate definitive answers to their questions. The NO party are adamant that they are happy with things as they are and that to go it alone would only weaken their country.

I don’t plan to get all political here, but I can sympathise with the Scottish desire to break away from Westminster. Wouldn’t we all if we could? That got me thinking.[OMG no! OMG Yes!]

What if we in Yorkshire formed our own country? We’re already God’s own county. How hard would it be to make the transgression to God’s own country?

We’d be known as YORKSHIRELAND and our capital would be York. That’s handy because it’s the nearest city to me. It’s a lovely city and was the birthplace of Guy Fawkes. How ironic would that be? Guy supposedly began something and we’d finish it off…quite literally.

Our national anthem would be On Ilkley Moor Bhat’at. The Scots have their kilts and stuff …don’t get me started on that! I’m only just recovering from Dr Who. We’d have flat caps and whippets [or greyhounds and trapper hats].

Our currency would be whatever we b****y felt like and it would be nowt to do wi anyone else. We’ve got everything we need in Yorkshire, the north sea, Bradford, pound shops galore, rain, brass bands, Bridlington, some more rain, Leeds Untied…sorry Leeds United, the amusement arcades in Scarborough south bay, torrential rain, snow, hail, the wrong kind of leaves on the railway tracks, that chip shop in Doncaster and the A64.

To think that I was actually moaning about the A64 the other week, but it would act as a fantastic border control[if it spans the border. If not we’d have to extend it, so it did span the border…simples!]. No bugger would be able to get anywhere on it and therefore into our green and pleasant land…without one of us knowing about it. Then it would be up to us to decide whether they stayed, or buggered off back home. That would largely depend on how much money they had and how thrifty they were! We like a good bit of thrift here in Yorkshire. Except me that is…I like to spend the money that I’ve saved with my thriftiness. I look forward to it. Save a bit… spend for England, only it wouldn’t be England it would be Yorkshireland. I’d be doing my bit for Yorkshireland.

I addition to this there’s our Yorkshire puddings, of course. Everybody loves our Yorkshire puddings. Eeh…a cuppa and a slice of Yorkshire pudding wi jam on it..eh? Lovely. No, revolting actually.

So, that’s my case for an independent Yorkshireland. I think it could catch on. What do you think? That’s Yorkshireland, not the Yorkshire pudding with jam on it.

If I have offended anyone, or any city, town, place or country in this piece I am very sorry indeed. But…it’s my blog…okay!

As for the Scots… I will watch the televised debate tonight and my thoughts are with the Scottish people. Change is afoot, no matter what the outcome of the vote is. I sincerely hope that Scotland retains its unique and proud soul. It would be heart breaking to see it crack. Part of my soul resides in Scotland.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this mush. If there are any mistakes in this, apart from it’s a big mistake…it’s nowt to do wi me..alrite?

Have a good night and don’t have nightmares.

Until the next time.




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