A new toy and other things.

Good morning from one of the Walking 🚶 Dead.
I’ve got a few ideas for posts today(one of them involves my new toy, pictured)…no drafts, that would be too organized. Let me drink a bucket of black coffee 🍵, clean the loo, iron my bloomers, scrub the carpets. Then I’ll get back on here and punish you some more, with my daft words and ideas.
I hope you’re having a fun day. Catch up with you later on and thanks for dropping by.
Until the forthcoming time.😎

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

2 Thoughts

  1. Hello, no it’s my new camera. LOL. That’s so ironic. I hope my pictures will be clearer in future…too much fiddling with them. Now I look at it, it does like a sewing machine.
    I do have a sewing machine and yes, the cleaning and ironing take second place to messing about on that. x


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