PICT0097_edited (2)_editedToday is D-day! It’s the start of the big clear out in our office/guest bedroom. I’m a clutter bug and it’s gone too far now. The room is only so big and it’s starting to look delightful…not!

So, I’ve got my ruthless head on and I’m filling up our recycling bin with paper, magazines and loads of stuff I don’t need, nor want. How did I get into this state? Well, and I don’t think I’m alone in this [please feel free to pitch in with your comments], I told myself that there might just be something [in the 3 zillion copies of writing magazines that I’ve managed to accumulate] that I would desperately need. Well, if I haven’t been desperate for it by now and I haven’t, just how important is it?

Besides, I have another 4 zillion books about how to actually write properly, on my Kindle. Fat lot of good they’ve done me so far! I’ve no excuse for this drivel really.

I have found some material in the heap that I’m currently ploughing through, that has fuelled some new ideas for this blog. You never know, you might actually call by at some point in the future and find some information that is classed as worthwhile content! But, it won’t be today…I’m way too busy getting rid of the rubbishy content.

It’s surprisingly therapeutic. No more shelves full of dusty magazines…laughing at me and taunting me. I could get used to this. But, what about the magazines that will build up again? I’ve made a momentous decision to cancel all but one subscription. All? Yes, that’s the reason why I’m buried under so many magazines, as I type this. And those magazines will be disposed of, in a reasonable time scale.

PICT0092_edited (2)_editedAnd as for my desk. OMG! That too is undergoing a transformation. It will still have that lived in look, as I have mentioned before, that’s me and how I work best. Messy and smelling of joss sticks is how I like it. If it’s too tidy it freaks me out…big time!

So, it’s all change and I’m looking forward to having clearer shelves and some space. Also, we have family coming to stay this weekend and I can’t possibly put them in here, in its present state. Yes, they know that I’m an ageing hippy, but this is beyond eclectic

I have big plans for this room. It might only be small, but it has many uses and it needs to look its best. The paint cans will be out again before long!

As with my boudoir, when this room is completed I’ll post some pics on here. The bedroom isn’t quite completed yet, but it’s not far off and those pics will be posted also.

And somewhere in amongst all of this activity and titivating I will try to deliver some good content on here. Yeah right!

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day. I’m going to take the dog now and shoot some video, which will at some point, will also be posted on here. You have been warned! It’s all change.


Until the next time.

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