Social media – friend or foe?

27082014 185102We’re all aware of the pitfalls of social media. We should be doing something else – writing, working, researching, housework…in fact anything you can think of. But, there we are on social media instead. It’s such a waste of time…or is it?

I have been slow in discovering social media, much the same as I was when I was first introduced to a computer. I wasn’t remotely interested…until I took a job that required me to be computer literate. I went to Saturday morning classes to learn how to drive one and passed my CLAIT. Just don’t ask me about spreadsheets and EXCEL…I’ve slept rather a lot since then!

I wasn’t into Facebook originally and as for Twitter, well I just couldn’t get my head around it and then I decided that I was going to give Facebook a go. To date my page is still a bit of a half-heated attempt and I’m trying to make amends there, spurred on by my blogging friends! I am also an avid Tweeter, as the poor folk at Springwatch red button could no doubt attest to. I get enthused about something and off I tweet.

I was sorely disappointed that there wasn’t a social media link up for the Scottish Decides debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, the other night. It just wasn’t sufficient to shout at the screen as they talked over each other. Where was the social media opportunity to have our say, as well? The outcome of this shambles will affect all of us.[That’s enough politics.]

But, I digress [as usual] and I have been thinking about whether social media is actually a pretty good thing. For me personally, the answer is a resounding YES! The discipline of 140 characters only, on Twitter has honed my writing skills. I’ve made friends and contacts and have even been sought out for a commission, on the back of it. For me time spent on Twitter is not wasted. I treat Twitter as a more professional front for my writing. This is not to say that I don’t lark around on there, but on the whole I feel I should have my more sensible head on.

A shout out on Twitter for victims – sorry interviewees paid dividends and helped me with an article I was writing for a magazine. Unfortunately, some people agree to be interviewed and then back out later on. Sometimes much later on, when the article is well progressed. Twitter quite possibly saved my bacon on that occasion.

I have Twitter and LinkedIn to thank for my decision to finally climb down off the fence and start a blog.[So now you know who to blame!] I asked myself if other people were blogging why couldn’t I? And I’m still pondering that very same question today.

I read books, articles and still didn’t think I had a blog-worthy topic. If I was to be absolutely blunt [that’s not like me at all] I probably still am finding out what my subject is. I’m very much a works in progress. But, I can see how I am improving [it’s a shame you can’t see it, but take it from me…it could be much worse.]

There are even stories of people being discovered by editors, via the social media platforms. I should imagine that those are few and far between, but it happens. But, you have to be on them to be found and to make your mark.

On the downside, if you don’t discipline yourself on social media, time can run away with you and as I write I realise that I have loads of other things to attend to. So, my time is up for tonight.

What do you think? Is social media a friend or a foe? Don’t be shy, leave a comment.

Thanks for calling by and have a great night…on social media?.

Until the next time.



4 Thoughts

  1. I have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin now. The idea here is to get a following of people who like to read my writing. When the time comes to publish, hopefully I will have people still interested in what I have to say… We will see. I do talk to my kids and grandkids on Facebook and Instagram quite a bit. Glad to see you on Facebook 🙂


  2. I started out on Facebook, and then came to WordPress because longer articles go down better here, and there’s a posher more literary audience. Or so my nephew, Michael tells me, but he always had ideas above his ruddy station. He goes on the Linked in as well, but that is a bit complicated for me. Neither of us like the twitter much. Maybe because tweeting is for birds and we’re ruddy human beings.

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