An Englishwoman’s castle.

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This is the remains of Ayton Castle, in the village where I live.

I can stand and gawp at this bit of history for hours and indeed often do. People pass me by and give me very funny looks. But, that’s nothing unusual!

It may be in ruins, but I think it’s beautiful and nature is claiming it for its own.

How’s your Saturday going? Mine is a bit bonkers and I’m meeting myself coming back…which is a hell of a shock. I didn’t realise I was that fat! Thanks for visiting and enjoy your day.

Until the next time.

2 Thoughts

  1. I love the castle! I was not able to see much back in the days I lived in the U.K. (long story 😦 involves an ex-husband) I would love to see sights like that. Love the pictures too! Thanks for sharing. Keep putting up more pictures of your town too. I love hearing about your life ❤


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