Pure magic.

A big hello – from one chilled , hot- tubbed – out lady.
We’re just back from the forests and the cases are waiting to be unpacked.
I’ll do them later…fuelled by a bucket of 🍷 wine.
I’ve abstained from alcohol this week…in case we had an emergency with the Duracell bunny. I was the sole driver.
I’m going to drive you nuts with this holiday ,for many posts to come, but for now let’s just say it was pure magic.
The forests were beautiful, the cabin cool and the hot tub…FABULOUS!
My lasting memory of this holiday will be my grandson coming in to our bedroom, on a morning shouting ‘door’, which is his word of the moment.
He beats any alarm clock I know of. 😃
I hope you’ve had a good week and have a brilliant weekend planned.
I’ll be back on here soon. In the meantime, the cases are staring at me.
Until the next time. 😉

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

2 Thoughts

  1. I missed you too. The WiFi had gone down on the site and so it was five days of no blogging, no surfing, no reading other people’s blogs. It felt weird. But I survived it. LOL!


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