A road.

08092014 112754 new . where will the road you take lead you today

Life’s all about roads isn’t it?

The roads we choose to take.

The roads we get forced down.

The roads that turn out to be dead ends.

The roads we wish we had taken…hadn’t taken.

The roads we might travel on.

The choices we have yet to make, at life’s crossroads.

Sometimes we really need to focus on the road ahead.

Where will the road you take lead you today?


Thanks for dropping by and have a good journey.

Until the next time.

4 thoughts on “A road.

  1. Thought provoking and beautifully worded…..since getting back into writing (for myself), I haveen been thinking a lot about roads not travelled…..I guess it’s one of life’s great philosophical questions – whether to strive for contentment in the ‘as is’, or whether to strive for the ‘what could be’ or ‘what could have been’…..but perhaps those things are not mutually exclusive…..


    • Thank you for your kind comments. I’m fascinated by how we travel through life and how things fall into place. Even things that appear nightmarish at the time that they occur, can later on prove to be an advantage. Had we chosen a different route we would have missed out on that experience.

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