Out of my body?

08092014 202446Today it’s been reported that a group of German scientists have proven that life exists after death, in some form.

I love anything like this. Not in a Most Haunted lets scream our way through the night sort of way, no…although that can be extremely funny as well. Somebody passes wind which results in someone having a screaming fit and passing out. What? You never seen it?

It’s an English programme where a group of people go into a haunted building and stay the night.  They turn off all of the lights, lock themselves in dark, damp rooms and film themselves getting increasingly hysterical, as the night goes on. Sometimes a tiny blob chases across the room and they all try to get out of the room at the same time…through the smallest doorway you’ve ever seen. Invariably, somebody faints and someone else claims that a ghost has stroked their bottom. No, I’ve never seen the programme.

Anyway, back to us living when we’ve died. I’ve seen a lot of funny goings on and had a lot of funny goings on in my life…but this is hardly the time or the place to go into that, so I’ll tell you about my possible out-of-body experience, instead.

I was about twenty-four and I used to sleep in a long, yellow woolly jumper, because I was always so cold in bed. [Cue the violin please.]My boyfriend at the time said it was like going to bed with a sheep! Charming! He didn’t last long…I told him to bleating well go away.

One cold winter’s night I climbed into bed wearing my very fetching yellow jumper. I had no one to keep me warm… poor me. I awoke to the sounds of my dog barking like mad. I was looking down from the ceiling at a shape wrapped up in the duvet and I mean the duvet was well wrapped around them. It was me. No, I hadn’t been drinking, or smoking anything. I don’t smoke.

My dog was barking at me and the thing, which was me , in the bed. But, I didn’t want to go back. I wanted to stay there, or go with whatever was next to me. And no it wasn’t a member of the Most Haunted team.

I find that incredible, given that I was a single parent to a four-year old girl, had said dog and a cat to care for, and a very naughty weather fish that kept jumping out of its tank. I loved my little family to bits , but I don’t recall being too concerned about what would happen to them if I cleared off.

I clearly remember the icy cold hands that took hold of me and gently pulled me down and through my head. I found myself in bed , gasping for breath and tangled up in the duvet. The dog was going mental at the side of me. I managed to struggle free and sat on the side of the bed. My dog came for some comfort and I cried for England. I cried with relief and cried with the guilt of wanting to leave my family. I’m truly grateful that nothing happened to me that night – it wasn’t my time.

But, did I really have an out-of-body experience, or was I asphyxiating? I’ll never know. However, I can recall that experience as if it happened to me five minutes ago. The memory never fades and I often think about it.

As for the yellow jumper?…that went to horrible yellow jumper heaven shortly afterwards. I now sleep with a someone who is lovely and toasty warm.[Just don’t tell my hubby!] What do I wear to bed these days…a smile, except when he’s snoring!

Is there anyone else out there who has had a life changing experience such as this? Because it did change my life…I binned the jumper. Does anyone wear a hideous jumper to bed, or perhaps a balaclava? Or perhaps you’ve seen Most Haunted and have been badly affected by it? If so come on here and share your story with us. We’ll all laugh at you…sorry, listen to you. And then we’ll laugh at you.

I apologise to Most Haunted, it’s given me hours of hysterical laughter and amusement. I’ve laughed until I’ve had tears rolling down my face, my stomach has ached and I’ve needed an inhaler to continue breathing, which is a shame as I don’t actually have one.

Why didn’t those guys give me an inhaler that night I nearly managed to suffocate myself? Instead they terrified my dog and let me float around on the ceiling…inspecting the cobwebs.

So, it appears there may be life after death. What do you think?

I’m off to float around on my bedroom ceiling some more and freak my greyhound out.

Thank you for dropping by and I bet you wish you hadn’t.

Until the next time… I’m floating on the ceiling.



4 Thoughts

  1. I suffer every few years from sleep apnea….the last incident was a few months ago and I didn’t completely wake up (which should be fatal)…somehow I managed to get out of bed and start breathing again in my sleep (the TV had been moved in the struggle as proof of this incident)….Basically every time I fall asleep I’m totally aware I may not ever wake up and one day/night I won’t…but it’s the same for all of us, isn’t it?… Fortunately I do believe in life after my carnal life is over… 😉


    1. I can’t even start to imagine what that must feel like. Isn’t there an alarm or something that would alert you to the fact that you’ve stopped breathing?
      All credit to you for taking in in your stride and I can appreciate that a belief in life after death must be some small comfort.
      Thanks for calling by and commenting. Keep up the good work on your blog…it’s fabulous.

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