Back to school.


The summer holidays are now a memory.

Where did they go? They were approaching, were here…being enjoyed.

Weeks of no school stretched out in front of us

And then just as quickly …they were over.

Now we make our nervous and hesitant way to a new school.

Housing butterflies in our turning bellies.

Wearing new, stiff uniforms.

Brand new shoes that rub our heels…the leather hasn’t been worn down and softened yet.

We’re burdened with large, heavy bags – full of everything we might need for the new, big school. All carefully labelled, in case it gets nicked.

We’re too neat and tidy, with our highly polished shoes and freshly washed, and cut hair.

We stick out like sore thumbs and will be an easy target for the older children.

It’s a ritual that we all have to go through.

We’re the new kids.

It’s horrible.

An initiation. But, we soon learn.

We adapt and learn to blend in.

By the end of the first term the butterfly tummies have largely gone.

Our shoes are scuffed, the new uniforms  – not so new anymore.

We are still newish, but we are adapting.

We’re learning how to survive at the big school…with new friends – and enemies to be avoided.

Half term arrives and passes…all too quickly.

We venture back to school…still apprehensive, but slightly more adjusted.


Thanks for dropping by and have a good Tuesday.

Until the next time.




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