Make your inner child happy.

10092014 202356 Colouring booksYes, tonight I’ve come over all new age and hippy like. Too many joss sticks today!

I’ve discovered colouring books for adults. It’s quite possible that everyone else in the entire world discovered colouring books for adults about two years ago. Even that isolated tribe, living deep in the rainforests somewhere, knew about colouring books for adults. But I didn’t, but I DO NOW…okay?

Apparently there are benefits to colouring in these fabulous pictures and patterns. They are:

  • It helps us to de-stress
  • It increases creativity
  • It helps you to maintain a sharp mind, because of the hand-eye coordination involved
  • It’s as beneficial as meditation and helps to lower your blood pressure

If that isn’t a good set of reasons to be childlike again I don’t know what is.

I found mine on a certain site that begins with an A ends with N and has a few letters in between. I know…fancy coming on here and swearing. I was absolutely spoilt for choice and had to buy some nice pens to colour in with, as well.

My mind now is so sharp, I’m de-stressed, incredibly creative and my blood pressure is so low.[It usually is, that’s why I faint.] I’m overflowing with chilled creativity.

Give it a go sometime. If you lads don’t fancy it and I have no idea why you wouldn’t, you could build, or buy yourself a kite and go play with that. Or climb a tree, lie on your back, in the grass and cloud watch. Refuse to do the washing up,or take out the rubbish,or dust the lounge. Just be a child once in a while.

When the snow comes and it will come this year, I’ve placed an order for some, my inner child will be making snowmen [I just hope she doesn’t get my gloves wet].

It’s good to be childlike once in a while isn’t it? So, make your inner child and other bits of you happy!

Thanks for calling by and have a great night/day.

I’m off to have another tantrum!

Until the next childlike time.


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