A Harvest Supermoon.

11092014 130027 supermoonAt the start of this week, here in the UK we were treated to a wonderful harvest supermoon.

I took this opportunity to take a few shots of it, with my new sexy blue camera. I’m still getting used to all of the settings, but I’m getting there…I think.

11092014 130414 supermoonHere’s a few harvest supermoon facts for you:

  • The harvest moon is the name given to the full moon that occurs closet to the autumnal equinox [September 22], in the northern hemisphere.
  • Farmers named it, as they used its light to harvest by.

11092014 130719 supermoon

  • This week’s moon was also a supermoon, which is so-called as the full, or new moon makes its closest approach to the Earth.
  • It is said that the harvest moon and supermoons appear to be 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than our usual moons.

Another aspect of the onset of autumn that I happen to think is rather special.

I’m very late off the block today, on here and I may only be able to do this one post. Unless I grab some time later on.

Thanks for all of the comments, it’s always much appreciated and if I’ve not responded to you yet I will do as soon as possible.

As always thanks for dropping by and have a great day and enjoy the moon magic tonight. I’ll try to get some more shots. Bet you can’t wait?

Until the next time.



One final thing… Thirteen years today since 9/11. Never forgotten.

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