What is it with holidaymakers?


shutterstock_216774523I’m on a rant tonight. The promised post of earlier on today, will be posted later on this week. Things have gone pear-shaped this afternoon…it happens and it requires some more work.

I’m so annoyed at the moment with some holidaymakers who are staying in a cottage, just down from us. Last night, a guy came knocking at our door and asked to borrow some kitchen scales as Margaret, whoever the hell she is, was having a crisis. She was icing a cake? [HELLO! on holiday? That’s not my kind of holiday, for sure.] She hadn’t got any scales. I knew I should have directed him to the local Sainsburys to purchase a set, but big,stupid – face here obliged and lent him our sexy red kitchen scales. Everything red is sexy…okay?

And…we’re still waiting to have them returned. They’re not in. I’ve marched down to the house twice now, with arms firmly crossed, over my angry bosom.[It’s quite nippy here tonight.]

So, I’ve posted a note requesting their return and asking them to kindly leave them outside of our rear gate, in a bag. I’m so damn cross I fear a confrontation like the two cats above. Yes, I would most definitely behave like the black cat.

It’s one thing to borrow something…that’s a bit cheeky, but we all do it. But, to clear off for the day and not return the borrowed item. What the hell she’s been icing for so long god only knows, but Margaret had better return my scales and leave me alone…I’m feeling decidedly catty!

Holidaymakers, don’t you just love em? No!

Fortunately, our neighbours who own the said holiday cottage are lovely and treat us every Christmas, by way of saying thank you for tolerating their holidaymakers.

What makes normal, rational people turn up on holiday and behave like selfish morons?

Note to self:

Next time I’m in Grasmere remember to annoy a resident, borrow something and don’t return it, until they ask and are so p****d off.[See I’m swearing now as well.] It’s all part of being a happy holidaymaker.

Have a good night and thanks for stopping by. I’m going to snarl and growl my way through the rest of the evening.

If you hear a scream, you’ll know that the stupid holidaymakers didn’t do as I asked and dared to knock on my  door…grrrrr!


Until the next time.

4 Thoughts

  1. Have a glass of wine and then go get some new red scales! They are cheeky for sure! I have finally gotten to the point that I do not lend anybody anything because most people do not realize that I had to do without something else to get whatever it is they want to borrow. Sad huh? I am right there with you! In fact, I would have that glass of wine with you ❤ 🙂


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