16092014 074304 Misty morning

We’ve woken up under a wispy blanket of mist.

As we peep out of our houses the world looks familiar, yet strange.

Here and there the odd early autumn splash of colour shines through the mist – lest we forget.


16092014 074129 Misty morning

16092014 073837 Misty morning

It’s a ghostly world, with washed out colours.

What hides amongst the mist?

Above us – above the heavy, pale grey sky, the sun shines.

In time the mist will lift and our familiar world will slowly reveal itself to us.

We’ll feel that sense of relief, at the return of the normality. 

But for now, we reside in a different place.


Have a good Tuesday and thanks for calling by.

Until the next time.




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