Should we write for free…sometimes?

21092014 200450 heartHave you ever written for free? I have. When I was first starting out in my writing career – and I’m not so far down the writing road that I wouldn’t consider doing it again, if needs be.

For me, writing is something that I simply have to do, on a daily basis. This is not to say that everything I do makes money for me. Quite the opposite.

Take this blog for example…I don’t earn a penny from it. I’m guessing you fellow bloggers don’t either. We write our blogs because we love doing it. If someone pops up and likes a post, or better still makes a comment [ polite ones, please ], then that’s payment enough. Yes, that sounded really cheesy and was a massive cliché, but it’s the truth.

So how about when we’re out in the big world pitching to publications and newspapers? Would you insist on being paid for your hard work?

When I was first starting out, which isn’t that very long ago, I became very enthused about an online parody magazine – HAPPY WOMAN. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with it, but it is well worth a read…if only for the stupid comments that readers sometimes make. There are plenty of warnings telling readers that it is a PARODY magazine and yet some people still don’t get it. They take the articles seriously! Dear god, there’s no hope for some folk.

Anyway, I wrote a piece about drumming away your stress. Click on the below link to have a read of it and a laugh at the other brilliant articles. Be prepared, if humour is your thing you’ll be on there for a while.

I pressed the send button, because that helps to send it and didn’t really think anymore of it. It’s an American site and I thought, what do the Americans want with me?

The editor got back to me, almost immediately and said she would love to publish it the next day…would that be alright?

HELLO! Like yes!  It was proudly displayed on the front page of the mag, along with the other articles, for a WHOLE MONTH. And as you can see, it’s still on the site.

I wasn’t paid for it, but boy did it give a very welcome boost to my writer’s confidence. And I have considered writing something else for this lovely editor, without payment. Why? Because it’s just up my street and because you get to publish an author bio with your article, which of course can lead to all sorts of other things. [More on that in another post.]

I think that sometimes it does benefit us to write for free. If we really feel strongly about the piece we are writing and we have the time.

I like to be paid for my work, because I work hard and I expect a fair rate of pay, but I don’t ever want to become greedy and kill off that essence of what makes me want to write and therefore leads to my enjoyment and love of writing.

What do you think? Do you agree, or disagree? Why not share your thoughts on here with us? There’s no payment in it, but I’d be happy to link to your blog.

Thanks for stopping by and have a peaceful Sunday evening.

Until the next time.


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