Tonight’s sunset.

22092014 195049 sunsetHere in my part of Yorkshire we had a fabulous sunset tonight. So, I grabbed my camera and dog, in that order, went up the lane opposite our house and snapped away.

I hope you like my images of it. If you don’t , that’s a bit unfortunate.

22092014 194524 sunset22092014 194321 sunset

22092014 193745 sunsetThis one is my favourite. I was attempting to capture the moss lining the top of the dry stone wall. The sun was making it glow. Perhaps I could have got closer, but it’s not bad for a monkey’s early attempts!

That’s it for now. I haven’t forgotten the posts that I’ve threatened you with…I just haven’t finished/done them yet. When I have done/finished them, you’ll most likely wonder why I bothered…but there you have it. I aim to not satisfy and on the whole I’m very successful.

I’m rambling rubbish again.

I’m off to do my online food shopping now. Whoopee do! Life just doesn’t get anymore exciting than this.

Have a good night and don’t be too envious of me doing my online food shopping.

Thanks for visiting and enduring this mush, again.

Until the next time.



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