Looking for conkers.

I’m finally in bed and exhausted…with a K!
Today my youngest grandson turned two.
We went looking for conkers ….and we found loads of them. He carefully put them into the basket, on the front of his trike. One even went in the bath 🛀 with him, firmly clenched in his little, delicate hand . He’s now as nuts about them as his mum and I.
I hope that your day has been great.
Thanks for taking the time to visit. It’s always appreciated.
Have a peaceful night.
Until the next time. 😉

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

4 Thoughts

    1. Have a brilliant time. I love it – wrapping up warm, in scarves and hats and finding them hiding, amongst the fallen leaves. Once you’ve found one you’re addicted.


  1. When we have taken the Duracell Bunny and mum home I’ll have a bit more time to post and put up some pictures.
    It’s been mad and he’s been up all through the night…teething again.
    Oh joy. Love it really. x


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