A plug and a massive rant.

shutterstock_205866541Words can’t describe the sheer anger that I feel at this precise moment.

So, I’m going to laugh instead.

Today my work on the Guardian/ Direct Line Fixology website has been published. Like all proud mothers I had plans to show it off and link up to it from social media sites, such as Twitter.

I’m snarling and growling as I type Twitter because it is not playing ball. I suspect that I may be missing something along the way. Such as a functioning brain that can decipher sodding html code, because the easy peasy links that you just copy and paste in…DON’T WORK!

I’m particularly angry tonight and yes, I am swearing, because:

  • I’ve been trying to get my Twitter feed link to work ever since I started blogging some six months ago.
  • The link doesn’t look anything like it does in the demo.
  • I think my link has originated on another planet.
  • When I give up on this and go for embedding a tweet into my blog post – that link says…oops sorry that link appears to be broken...no kidding!
  • I’ve tried to embed this and copy and paste this in every which way I can.
  • It still doesn’t work.
  • My brain hurts.
  • I’m totally cheesed off.
  • I must be thick.
  • We know that already!
  • I will have to calm down and contact the lovely people at Twitter to report a problem with their easy peasy just click on here and we’ll do it for you links.

So, for now I will have to plug my work myself. If you’re interested in taking a look, please go to my Twitter account @female1960 and click on the link on tonight’s link, which will take you to my piece on How to get the benefits of a pet without owning one.

Alternatively, you can find a link on my Facebook page at Dorne Whale, and I’ve put a link on my Google + page as well. In fact you’ll find it everywhere, except on here at the moment. [I’m trying really hard not to explode!]

What is the Fixology website? It’s a one – stop site offering useful titbits of information, in manageable chunks.

My next piece is going to be about how to help your pets cope with bonfire night.

It’s to be hoped that I’ve rectified this link problem with Twitter, or there’ll be some extremely big fireworks going off on here! Watch this space.

I hope you’re having a better Friday night than moi at the moment. Thanks for taking the time and the trouble to visit and if you do decide to visit the Fixology site, enjoy…there’s loads of interesting features on there.

I’m off to see if I can mess up a Facebook link as well now. I won’t be beaten…I’m going to be demented by the time I’m through with this. Don’t you just LOVE social media?

Twitter watch out…here I come!

Have a great night…until the next time.



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