Colours in the rain.

26092014 125742 roof tilesThe rain was coming.

26092014 130146 roof tilesIt came and washed everything down. All the colours came out.

26092014 130339 tree and tilesBeautiful, stunning colours that only the rain knows how to gently coax out. The sun appeared

26092014 130544 wet paving stonesand made them glow…brilliantly.

Colours…that were hidden, before the rain came.

Rain, beautiful rain.


I’ve been playing with the sexy, blue camera again and a gentle shower of rain is my subject this afternoon.

Our neighbour, to the rear of us lives in a barn conversion and the aged pantile tiles are a mass of fabulous colours. Depending on the way the light catches them and the rain, or the colour of the sky above; they change colour and demand my attention.

We also have a pantile roof, but our cottage is a mere eight years old, so it has yet to age and colour up. I hope I’m around to see it when it does take on a character of its own.

Plain and simple paving slabs are also transformed by a shower of rain and then the sun catching the slight pools of water. Dazzling and dreamy.

Rain and then sun to add to the beauty of everyday things. The beauty where you least expect it…again.

Have a brilliant Friday afternoon and I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to call by.

Until the next time.


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    1. I’ve been trying to get it working for a while now. I don’t think the link is right. I’m on with it today, because I also have something I want to link up to on here tomorrow.
      Thanks for letting me know though.
      If you hear a scream in the distance, it’ll be me battling with the thing. I might have to man-handle it! x

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      1. I had someone tell me that my blog lovin button will not work with an ipad by works fine with a pc… there is always something new to learn each day. What are conkers? I really do not know. 🙂


  1. I have taken some pictures this afternoon and I will do a post over the weekend. They’re the fruit of the horse chestnut tree.
    Beautiful, deep red, shiny nuts.
    Hubby and I have hunting for them this afternoon, when we were out with Misty, our greyhound. 😊💜


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