An autumn dog walk.

29092014 200616 rainy night newIt’s what some people around here would call a right mucky night. It’s raining, misty, dark and cool. It’s a typical autumn evening … and I love it.

Rivers of water are streaming down the roads, with soggy leaves being dragged along with the water. The horizon has a layer of eerie mist, making the trees look ghost like.

The traffic on the road is sloshing through the water, as it makes its way to wherever it’s heading. And the amber street lights are reflected in the pools of water, lying on the road.

I walked my dog and made my way back home to our dry and cosy house. A welcoming cup of Earl Grey tea soon warmed me up.

What’s not to like? It’s autumn…the time to cosy up and enjoy the changes in nature.

Wherever you are tonight, have a good night and thank you for visiting.

Until the next time.


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