My local woods.

01102014 201550 C RAINCLIFFE WOODSTo the north-west of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, is Raincliffe Woods. I’m lucky enough to live by Forge Valley Woods, which links up with Raincliffe Woods.

Forge Valley was formed in the last ice age. [ I’ll do a post on Forge Valley Woods at a later date.]

Raincliffe Woods is a beautiful mixture of ancient and mixed woodland. But, I would say that because it is quite literally my neck of the woods… sorry about that…couldn’t resist!

Anyway, the pooch and I headed off for an early autumnal walk in these woods last week and I’ve included some of the images that I took.

01102014 201731 C R WOODSAlong with Forge Valley, Raincliffe Woods is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[SSSI]

01102014 201923 C R WOODSSomebody’s home? Or a child’s den?

PICT1905_edited RAINCLIFFE WOODSIt gets spooky at night, when the night creatures emerge.

A famous fan of Forge Valley Woods.

The Victorian painter John Atkinson Grimshaw [1836 – 1893], who was famous for his landscapes, did several paintings of Forge Valley.

Forge-Valley-Near-Scarborough_editedHe painted various scenes around Scarborough, Leeds and Liverpool and even lived in Scarborough for a while.

I have walked in these woods for years, starting when I was a child. I walked with my daughter, when she was little. Hubby and I used to walk with the older grandchildren in them and I’m now looking forward to taking the youngest grandson in, to explore.

They truly are magical and special and when I take my leave of this earth I want my ashes spreading in them. Ayton, and the surrounding Forge Valley and Raincliffe Woods, is my adopted home. [Although, I hope it will be a good few years before I pop off.]

On that happy note I’m going.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and have a great Wednesday night.

Until the next time.


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