A weird post from us both.

05102014 193006 moon cI’ve just been out with my trusty greyhound, Misty. So what? Well, it might not be a big deal for you, but it is for me. I’ve spent most of the day battling a burning hot migraine, avoiding the light, sound and life in general. You migraineurs out there know what I mean?

I waited until darkness began to creep back and then went out for a meander.The air was deliciously cool on my poor, aching head and the darkness very welcome.[I’m sure that I’m becoming a vampire!]

A pipistrelle bat circled above me and I made some clicking noises and it came to investigate…they always do. I’m tempted to ask Santa for a bat detector. I’d love to hear them actually communicating with each other. At the end of our row of cottages is what was the farmhouse. They have bats in their roof space…lucky devils.

I’ve been very fortunate and unfortunate to see a pipistrelle bat close up. Sadly, it was practically dead and lying on the road. I moved it to a more peaceful and fitting place, for it to pass over. It was one of he most loveliest things I have ever seen, with its tiny face, with long fangs and blood trailing from them.

Now, that’s stupid isn’t it? I’ve spoilt what was a sensible piece of writing. I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, back to the moon. It’s waxing and on Wednesday will be a full hunter’s moon. Can’t wait…I plan to go out howling at it!

Right, it’s time to go …I’m getting even more ridiculous and when I’m like this it’s as if my migraine has a personality and voice of its own. And that’s so not good – there’s only room for one idiot in here.

I wonder, do any other migraineurs come out of the other side of their migraine attacks a bit bonkers and in possession of, and possessed by temporary dual personalities?

Have yourself a lovely Sunday evening and thanks for calling by. You have my commiseration.

Until the next stupid time…it’s goodbye from me and goodbye from her!

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