In a muddle.

I’ve been reading about pingbacks, trackbacks and html codes, for my blog. Am I any the wiser? Er…no! I don’t mind playing around with my blog layout and images, but the technical aspects of blogging leave me cold.
I want a button that I press and it does said amazing stuff for me. I want the links to actually work. But most of all I want to spend the time I have available to work on my blog, actually writing and blogging.
Maybe I’m thick? Maybe I need to spend some money and self-host my blog? Maybe I need to read my blog book a bit faster?
Maybe I ought to quit moaning on here and go read some more?
Does anyone else out there struggle with the more technical aspects of blogging? Or perhaps you love coding and are a technical wizz kid?
Why not have a moan/rave on here and give us some pointers.
Thanks for dropping by.
Until the next time.😉

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