Blobby eye #4.

12102014 183227 blobby eyeIt all began with a visit to my opticians in April of this year. I’d been having trouble with my eyes. People approaching me from a distance had fuzzy heads and the television programmes were even worse than they usually are.

I stopped watching the telly and had to wait until people were practically on top of me, before I could actually make out who they were.

To cut a very long story short, I was dispatched to the hospital for further torture. Flashing lights, eyes being forced open, painful eye drops and a bossy, Dutch doctor followed. I didn’t appear to have a detached retina…thank god , but he did need to see me again…oh my god!

Anyway, this summer has been so warm and humid and my migraines have been fabulous as well. So, I didn’t go back to the hospital, because I always had a migraine on the appointment days. You don’t believe me?…it’s true. The stress of the lights, clamps and all of the other implements of impending torture didn’t help me to relax, neither.


Eventually, I was summoned last Friday and at last I managed to get there. This time, one of Dr Rip Van Winkle’s colleagues tortured me.  The verdict:

  • He didn’t agree with Dr Van Winkle.
  • He thought my eyes were perfectly healthy.
  • He thought I needed a pair of glasses.

Well, what do you know! Who would have thought it? A pair of glasses!

HELLO! That’s what I told you in the first place.


Today, I’ve had my eyes tested again, at the opticians. YES,ON  A SUNDAY!  The verdict:

  • A shiny, new pair of sexy red glasses is on order.
  • I need them for my long distance vision now.
  • And I still need my reading glasses.
  • Oh and I have a fast forming cataract in my right eye.
  • I’m falling to pieces…some more.The glasses will help with the left eye.
  • The right eye will still be blobby.
  • I go back for another eye test in six months time.
  • I didn’t pay for my eye test today, because I played hell with them about being charged again.
  • I bet they love me!

A result, I think!

Did you know? 

An eye test is, in effect a health check as well. By examining your eyes your optician can detect other illnesses, such as brain tumours, stomach problems, high blood pressure and other underlying health issues. The blood vessels feeding the optic nerve and colour of the surrounding tissue, give the game away and sound the alarm, long before you and your doctor may suspect problems.

I think that’s pretty cool, myself.

At this stage I was going to pose some questions to you…but:

  • I can’t think of any.
  • I feel ridiculous doing it.
  • My blog book says I should do it.
  • Since when did I ever do as I was told?

I’m trying to shake up my blog again. I’ve much to learn and now I need to go and learn some more…because I’ve forgotten [again] how to put in the damn links that I was going to use to link to the other posts. Oh dear god…there’s no hope.

Tell you what, I’ll slot them in, when I’ve finally figured it out…if I haven’t died before then!

I hope you’ve had a relaxed day.

Thanks for calling by here and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening.

Until the next time




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