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13102014 160931 Love A E editI was taking a look at the various tweets on Twitter, earlier on today and one of my favourite people to retweet @pharr2 had put up another brilliant quote. Today’s quote is from Albert Einstein and I retweeted it.

I was so inspired by it , that I’ve done my own thing with it here.  I think it’s a lovely way to describe falling in love.

So thanks to @pharr2 for the inspirational quote.

My story.

I was dead set against marriage, living with anybody and even just being civil to anyone. I’d just been through a very unpleasant break up with a long-standing partner…and then I was introduced to my hubby. That was twenty-one years ago today and we’ve been married for twenty years, next month.

The dreaded Parkinson’s reared its ugly head three years into our marriage, but it hasn’t broken it. Sometimes it’s challenging…this is true of all partnerships. We plod on, make each other laugh, cry ,be happy ,be sad and everything in between.

Recently, our relationship has changed again and together we’re having to learn how to adapt to these changes. Yes, it’s frustrating, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Because, he can cook and I can’t.

You see, when I fell for my hubby I fell big time and I haven’t been able to stand up since. And no, that isn’t because of the wine, or my medication.

Right, that’s enough goo and slop for now…I’m making myself feel sick, god knows what it’s doing to you.


  • So, can you relate to Einstein’s sentiments?
  • Have you ever fallen in love and more than once?
  • What does love feel like to you?
  • Why not make us all sick with your ideas on falling in love? [ Nothing nasty please…otherwise it won’t be appearing on here. My blog and all of that!]

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. I’ve just received another commission and so I’m off to work on that. I’ll brag about it again, in due course. Or, if it all goes pear-shaped [ it’s not a done deal, until it’s a done deal], I’ll come on here to cry!

Thanks for taking the time to call by.

Until the next time.

4 Thoughts

  1. This is amazing Dorne, thank you so much for sharing (both the quote and your own story). Did you fall quickly, or did it take time? It’s wonderful that you have adapted together, through so much, and you continue to do so. Did you both feel you knew yourselves pretty well when you met, and did you have your own strong identities? Sorry for all the questions – I’ve only, and obviously, ever known things from my own internal perspective and I’m fascinated to hear more about how others see things and how they experience love. Difficulties in this area are a big part of ‘being borderline’, and these questions are often on my mind. Honestly, my relationship with my current therapist is the first ‘slow burn’ I have ever had! No one has ever come back from a ‘rocky start’ to end up being someone who, a year later, I now really trust and care for. My actual romantic partnerships have all been of the ‘fall very quickly and very heavily’ sort….! I am looking forward to reading responses from anyone else who comments here – if you want to know more about the more obsessional side of my ‘love affairs’, I wrote a post a little while ago: http://lifeinabind.com/2014/06/21/waiting-to-fall-bpd-and-obsessive-attachments/
    It starts with the line ‘Sometimes I wonder what love feels like’….I think I still do! 😉


    1. Hi and thanks for reading and commenting on this.
      My boss at my place of work , at the time got my hubby and I together. I worked with my husband’s daughter.
      It’s funny how things happen, isn’t it.?

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