The wolf and I…we’re like that!

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I’ve been thinking…dangerous I know, but necessary and I’ve been taking stock of my blog. Regular readers of this blog will have read my post about this a few days ago.

As a writer I don’t seem to share much with you about my actual writing, until it’s a done deal. And even then I don’t really give much away, do I? I don’t want you to feel cheated, that you’ve shown up here to read about a freelance writer and all she does is go on about her sexy red phone not working, her knickers on the rotary airer and other such amazing titbits of information.

True, the sexy red phone, knickers and other things are all part of life and that is also what this blog is about, if I remember correctly, but I think you deserve to be bored some more by my life as a writer.

So, to that end I am going to now bang on about what I’m currently working on.

See the gorgeous Harvey Keitel above? Well, I’m working on content for the Direct Line/ Guardian Fixology project, that is currently on the Guardian and Direct Line websites. Up until this point, I’d never done anything  like this before.

My lovely editor, Helen, found me on Twitter [never underestimate the power of social media!], I applied for the job and got it. Wow…I know!

15102014 154958 Fingers crossed

I’ve been published on the site, with the piece, shown above : How to get the benefits of a pet without owning one.

Yes, this is an unashamed, huge, massive plug of my work and an attempt to get you to check out this website. And not just for my work, but for the other great articles, which feature on it. If you get a moment, please check it out. You could even let me know what you think of it.

Of course, if I was a proper blogger I would now give you a link to this site. But, I haven’t got to that page in my How to blog like you mean it book yet. And I have, as yet to contact WordPress about it. Oh, and my skirting boards are dusty. In addition to this I have a few other writing projects on the go. I will bore you with those in due course.


Presently, I’m working on two more pieces for this site, with a fast approaching deadline. So, why am I on here? Because I appreciate you dropping by to read my blog…and I’m seriously addicted to blogging – even if I am failing BIG TIME on several levels, at the moment. No one is perfect!

So, there you have it. A writer actually writing about her writing. Do you feel like you’re trapped in The Twilight Zone?

So, please keep everything crossed for me and Harv, that’s what I call him when he calls round for a glass of wine and a chat about home insurance, because it isn’t a done deal, until it’s a done deal.

I will thrive on words, ideas and white wine, until I press that send button. Then everything will be kept crossed [very painful] and  I’ll be pitching some more ideas and working on my book.

Yes, there’s a book involved…unfortunately! But, let’s face it – there usually is with writers. We like to keep them shoved in the bottom drawer. Then we can say we’ve made it as a writer.

That’s my writer’s life.

Don’t forget to please let me know what do you think of the Fixology website. And I’d love to hear from any one else, about how they manage to keep their skirting boards clean.

Thanks for reading. Have a great evening and I’ll see you next time.

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