Do you have a place to write?

16102014 095359 office cI’ve written about my writing space before, or rather ranted about it and threatened to de-clutter, decorate and in general make it magnificent. But, last night as I prowled the blogosphere I came across a post that resonated with me. Margaret, writing on the blog Being Margaret, was extolling the virtues of having a room, or place to write, or just hang out in. Even better if you don’t have to share it with someone else.

Here’s a link to Margaret’s post here www., have a read.

This got me thinking about my writing space and how I feel about it. My desk is in a corner of the guest bedroom and hubby has his desk in another corner. This room works hard and also has a double bed and numerous storage units,a bookcase and the usual office paraphernalia. I think the way to describe it is cosy. I burn joss sticks, candles and play hideous music, whilst I pretend to write. Sometimes, I lie on the bed and write. When I wake up I go back to my desk.

I love cosy. I love to cosy up in my writing corner on a dark and cold winter’s evening – when the wind is howling through the massive elm trees opposite our house. Or, when it’s raining and the droplets are stinging the window.

Late on a summer’s night I have the window wide open, to let in the sounds of summer. The owls have a  hoot and people talk and laugh, as they sit out in their gardens.

When it snows at night, I leave the blinds up and watch the snowflakes transform the road and fields, into a winter wonderland. The sound of the vehicles on the road becomes muffled, as they slowly travel through the thickening snow. The snow glows with its eerie light.

I like to get up early on a morning…when the house is still asleep. It’s just me, my thoughts and a massive cup of black coffee.

16102014 094705 Rainy morning c

On days like today…rainy and grey, it’s good to hunker down in our shared office. I’m at my desk and hubby is at his. He’s counting our money and I’m trying to earn some more! That sounds about right, I think.

I have plans to titivate this space, but they will have to be put on hold for now, as I have other things to do first.

Whatever state it is in, I love my writing space. I don’t want to change it too radically…it might lose its magic.

  • Do you have a writing space and how do you feel about it?
  • Is it yours alone, or do you share it and if so, is the person house-trained?
  • Is it cosy and lived in, or clutter free and functional?

It’s time I wasn’t here and doing something else.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

Until the next time.



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