17102014 131555 TIME CIt’s time I wasn’t here and was doing something else. I said. That set me thinking…again, all of these thoughts, in one week!

We live our lives with one eye on the clock, don’t we?

We look forward to a week’s time, when it will be

  • our birthday
  • Christmas
  • our holiday
  • our family coming to visit

The appointed time arrives and we try to slow it down, drag it out and make that point in time last for ever.

But, it races along, carrying us with it, like angry waves in the sea.

In seemingly no time at all, it was

  • our birthday
  • Christmas
  • our holiday
  • our family visit

It’s now become history and we commence making our new plans.

Time – unavoidable.

Perhaps, today we should all take a moment to just live in the present. To put all thoughts of our tomorrows and yesterdays out of our time-controlled minds and just be, for a short while. It will only be a moment of our busy lives, but it might just help us to touch base and chill out.

I plan to have a time break at 18.00 GMT, why not join me? We’ll have a collective – mind, time break and if you can, leave a quick note on here to say if you did it.


Thanks for visiting and have a chilled and calm day.

I’ll be thinking of you at 18.00!

Until the next time.


Go on...make my day/life and leave a comment. I don't bite...much!

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