This lady has had enough.

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Today is the day I get my new glasses…hoorah !

If the plonkers that call themselves the medical profession had bothered to listen to me back in April, I would have had my glasses sooner. But, hey…what do I know? They’re just MY eyes. [Yes, I’m soo happy, it’s untrue.]

I’m full of hell, because I foolishly asked for a copy of the hospital letter to be sent to my GP. I’m now even more sure that the medical plonkers are trained in how to be as ignorant and obnoxious as possible.

The letter began: This lady turned up at the clinic today… THIS LADY? HELLO! I know that this demi god will have been terribly busy and really he shouldn’t have been having to dictate letters about boring and mundane things such as this…but my name will have been plastered all over my notes and the insults that he jotted down, as he asked me the same questions over and over, and then completely ignored me. He also disagreed with his colleagues original diagnosis. That wasn’t my fault. Take this outside boys!

In his sad attempt at a  letter, he went on to question quite how and why I had ended up at the clinic in the first place? Er…something to do with my blobby eyes and it was them that insisted I went back.They wouldn’t discharge me, until I did. On that point I must agree with him…I didn’t want to be there anymore than he wanted me there. I just wanted and needed some glasses. This is what I told the bunch of nitwits, in the first place.

I’ve been messed about for most of the year, with a load of pointless nonsense [very much like this post…hey? ] and for what? So THING at the hospital [ two can play at this let’s dispense with good manners and names, matey! ] can write a complete load of rubbish to my doctor.

He concluded that if I ever have any more problems with my eyes he will be more than happy to see me?! Not if I can see him first with my new sexy, red glasses.

THING’S letter has been filed in my rubbish bin.


That’s my rant over and done with. As no doubt will be evident, I’m starting the week off brilliantly and as I intend to go on…not! I hope you have a great start to the new week and thanks for visiting.

Until the next time.


2 Thoughts

  1. It is done and don’t worry. I’m ploughing my way through a blogging for der brains book. I might find it in there. And my daughter is threatening to sort me out! Fat chance. x


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