A blogging crisis.

WIN_20141012_181115 (2)_edited daft faceFirst things first. This is how I feel today. I’ve been fiddling with my blog theme again. What…you’ve noticed? Things haven’t gone according to plan and now I can’t go back, to my original theme that was okay, nor can I go forward…because I’m so damn indecisive. So, I’ve got this thing, that’s neither here nor there. it doesn’t feel like me, but there are bits of me here and there.  Give me a year and I’ll sort it.

Once again I tried to install the Twitter link and once again I failed. So I will have to swallow my pride and shout help at those nice WordPress people, or Twitter. I’m sure they will have encountered der brains such as myself, before.

Bear with me, and eventually I’ll have a theme that I’m relatively content with. But, for now I’m re-decorating and things will change. I had about six different themes on here yesterday.

My aim is to make the site as easy as possible to navigate. But, I’ve managed to make it an absolute disaster. Things that were there aren’t there anymore and new things that I don’t want there, are there. Oh dear god!

I posted yesterday about the sexy red glasses and my love of the medical profession [eyes-related]. Colleen Chesebro who blogs on http://cmchesebro.wordpress.com [check out her blog, it’s cool and makes  a lot more sense than this] asked me to post a picture of the new glasses, so here they are:

WIN_20141020_170638 (3)I look seriously impressed , don’t I? The glasses are the sexy things…not me. I don’t do sexy…I do blobby! In fact I look like a blobby, cross horse, wearing red glasses.

So, there we have it. Half a blog and a pair of glasses worn by a strange-looking horse. Just what you need for your Tuesday.

I’m off to York today, to collect my daughter from hospital.[Like you really needed to know that?] She’s had her tonsils removed. I was a nervous mummy yesterday and kept my mind off the operation taking place, by cocking up my blog. I was successful on both counts. It kept me pre-occupied and I really did cock-up my blog…BIG TIME. RESULT! Today, I may piece it all back together and we’ll actually have stuff on it.

What do you plan to mess up today? Whatever it is, have a fun time and thanks for taking the time to visit this rather strange thing of a blog.

Until the next weird time.

7 Thoughts

  1. I can’t get the Twitter feed to work on my WordPress Blog either. Somedays the Tweets show, other days they don’t, I can’t figure it out!


    1. Mine just wouldn’t work at all. The code that I copied and pasted from Twitter didn’t look right and it wasn’t. Turns out you have to delete most of it and just put in the numbers. So why do Twitter supply you with a widget or whatever they like to call it, that is incorrect? Beats me and I suspect quite a few others as well.
      Have you looked at the small print about the code? This is what alerted me to my repeated mistakes. It is not just a simple case of copying and pasting is it?
      I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going have to get my head around HTML and all of that, because they don’t always do it for you.
      If only! Thanks for commenting.
      I’ll get down off my soapbox now.

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      1. I think I did mine from the WordPress side, I just clicked on the “Twitter widget” and typed in my Twitter account name.

        • Jacqueline


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