Because I’m HAPPY!

A new look for my blog and a happier me. So here’s an uplifting song and video to celebrate. I love the lyrics to this song.

‘Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof.’

Oh yes, I’ll  have some of that please. That feeling of sheer joy that can’t be contained. Wow!

Words are awesome. And music too. Without them, where would we be ? How would could we possibly express ourselves?

Here’s hoping you like my new-look blog and this cool song.

Keep posted, because I’ve working on adding links and stuff on here. And I’m determined that the evasive Twitter link will work.

It’s embarrassing, it’s giving me nightmares where I’m being chased by a huge Twitter sign, on legs, which is laughing hysterically and blowing raspberries at me..

That’s it for now. Enjoy the video, the rest of your evening and a big thanks for taking the time to visit me.

I’ll be back!

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