A thought, for Thursday.

inspirational-quotes-large-msg-133224818904-300x199Picture credit: Ghank.com

Even at the grand old age of 54 I’m still not done with growing up. Are we ever? When I look back at who I was, say a decade ago and who I am now, I can see massive changes. Go back even further and the transformation is even more marked.[I’m so glad I ditched the beard!]

But, that’s life, isn’t it. Everything is constantly fluid. To remain static, would  mean to not grow and evolve.

So, to repeat the anonymous, inspirational words above, I’m

far from what I once was but not yet what I am going to be.

As for me, I hope to be able to write and be creative for many years to come. I’ve always written…it’s in my blood and sometimes I’ve felt like I was using my blood to write with. Do you know what I mean? Me neither.

I have personal goals which I would like to achieve and some, which I have already reached, will be expanded. I think it benefits us to stretch ourselves and keep reaching for new goals. I think the day we stop looking for goals is probably the day that we die…inside and out.

How about you?

  • What do you plan to be, when you grow up?
  • Can you see changes in who you once were?
  • Are you still navigating your journey?
  • Where do you hope it will take you?

I’m going to go and do battle with my blog links now. I won’t feel like a legitimate blogger until I have conquered this  damn and blasted beast, that is plaguing and taunting me. ‘Other bloggers have managed to do it, why can’t you?’

When I’m successful, there’ll be balloons, fireworks and a celebration on here. But, for now I have to get my brain into gear.

Thanks for calling by and have a great Thursday afternoon.

Until the next time.


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